How To Choose The Right Size Boat Anchor

Choosing the right size boat anchor can depend on several things that we will cover in this section.

The conditions you will be in, and the manner in which you use your boat all determine how you should choose the right size boat anchor. It is recommended that you carry the largest anchor you can feasibly fit on your boat.


The following things should also be considered regardless of boat size:


1. Is this an offshore boat? Or for lakes, rivers, inland waters, etc?

2. Will you anchor overnight, or just day trips - then back to shore?

3. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, will you be close enough to head back to shore? Or will you ride out the storm on anchor?

4. Are you anchoring in very deep water? If so, then perhaps using an anchor one size up would be best, and allow you to set the anchor even faster, and with less line.


When choosing the right size boat anchor, it is recommended to select it based on the 30 mph (36 knots) wind rating if it will be used as your primary front anchor.

The chart below can be used as a starting point based on your boat size. You can choose from several different models depending on the conditions you'll be in, and the storage space you have. To find out more about the anchor types, click here.



1 pound of anchor per foot or 1.5 kilos per metre (rounding up to the nearest size)


When choosing an anchor it is paramount to consider both your length of boat, weight of boat and weather conditions in your area.

Anchor world always advises to select an anchor in the highest weight/length category for your boat. This will give you peace of mind when the conditions turn nasty and for an overnight.

The anchor style is dependent on bottom type and personal preference. To learn more about anchor styles, click here.


Anchor Weight to Boat Length Table


Boat Length*


For boats 14 to 24 feet or 4 to 7.5 metres in length


For boats 23 to 35 feet or 7 to 11 metres in length


For boats 28 to 39 feet or 8.5 to 12 metres in length


For boats 35 to 45 feet or 11 to 14 metres in length


For boats 38 to 50 feet or 11.5 to 15.5 metres in length


For boats 50 to 65 feet or 15.5 to 20 metres in length


Remember to use at least 1 metre of chain of every metre of boat length for maximum hold.



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